Paddle your Canoe! Solomon Ratt (th- or y-dialect, audio)

Live from Midway Lake, Saskatchewan, fresh from this very weekend’s Cree-focused immersion camping trip, Solomon Ratt teaches his companions his own version of “Row, Row, Row.” You might like to slow it down a bit to sing with kids, so they don’t capsize at the pâwistik! (Thanks to Christine Ravenis for sharing her video.) 

pim-pim-pimiskā pimiskā osihk
mōcikan mōcikan īkāwītha kwatapī!!

ᐱᒼ  ᐱᒼ  ᐱᒥᐢᑳ  ᐱᒥᐢᑳ  ᐅᓯᕽ
ᒨᒋᑲᐣ  ᒨᒋᑲᐣ  ᐄᑳᐑᖬ  ᑿᑕᐲ!!

Trans: Paddle along in a boat
It’s lots of fun, it’s lots of fun: Don’t tip over! 

*For y-dialect, use êkâwiya instead of îkâwîtha. 


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