Wâhkôhtowin: A Cree Way of Living (Andrea Smith, The Tyee)

Andrea Smith is nominated for a portfolio of work for The Tyee, including a story on a ‘life-changing’ bison harvest. Her Tyee practicum was supported by Journalists for Human Rights. 
In a portfolio of four pieces, journalist Andrea Smith does some beautiful writing about the Cree idea of wâhkôhtowin. The Tyee – in which the pieces were published – defines itself as “a widely read and respected platform for the forward-thinking, fact-based conversation” that Canadians “desperately need to have.” wâhkôhtowin may be old news for Cree people, but it’s definitely a concept that Canadians in general could stand to learn.

The articles, published in early 2019, were written as part of Andrea’s internship with The Tyee as a part of Journalists for Human Rights’ Emerging Indigenous Reporter program were later nominated as a finalist for the JHR/APTN Emerging Indigenous Journalist Award sponsored by the Canadian Association of Journalists. The Tyee report announcing the nomination is also included as a link below:

Wâhkôhtowin: A Cree Way Of Living

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