môswa kâ-itâpacihiht / How Moose can be Used: Solomon Ratt (th- and y-dialects)

Thanks to Solomon Ratt for his text (and PowerPoint, and reading) and Christine Ravenis for her gorgeous images, shared together in this lesson video. Watch and read along, or scroll down to find text in printable form.

The text shown in the following table is intended to download and print. Th- and y-dialects are far more alike than they are different: watch out for forms that are the same in both dialects! Finally, as you view the table here, you can also alt-click or option-click to look up each word in the itwêwina online dictionary (under development).

môswa kâ-itâpacihihtmôswa kâ-itâpacihihtHow Moose can be Used
môswa mithwâpatisiw
môswa miywâpatisiw
Moose is useful.
môswa awa mithwâpatisiw:môswa awa miywâpatisiw:The moose is useful:
kita-mowiht.kita-mowiht.To be eaten.
môswayân kita-pahkîkinohkâtîk, ayânisa, maskisina, ikwa mîkiwâma kita-osihcikâtîki.môswayân kita-pahkêkinohkâtêk, ayânisa, maskisina, êkwa mîkiwâma kita-osihcikâtêki.Moose hide can be made into leather for clothes, moccasins, and homes.
môsowiyâsmôsowiyâsmoose meat (NI)
niwî-mâmiskôtîn môsowiyâs.niwî-mâmiskôtên môsowiyâs.I’m going to discuss moose meat.
pânisâwânpânisâwânsheet of moose meat (NI)
pânisâwîwak ôko.pânisâwêwak ôki.These people are cutting sheets of moose meat.
pânisâwâtamwak môsowiyâs.pânisâwâtamwak môsowiyâs.They cut the moose meat into sheets.
akwâwânakwâwândrying rack (NI)
wî-akwâwîwak ôko.wî-akwâwêwak ôki.They are drying meat.
thôskihtak kaskâpahtîw ta-osikwânâsikâniwik.
yôskihtak kaskâpahtêw ka-osikwânâsikâkêhk.
Smoke from soft-rotted wood is used to smoke-dry the meat.
osikwânâsamwak pânisâwâna akwâwânihk thôskihtak kaskâpahtîw ohci.osikwânâsamwak pânisâwâna akwâwânihk yôskihtak kaskâpahtîw ohci.They are smoke-drying the sheets of moose meat using smoke of soft-rotted wood.
kâskîwakkâhkêwaksmoke-dried moose meat (NA)
pîthisk kîsi-osikwâsâsamwak pânisâwâna. kîsihtâwak kâskîwak.piyisk kîsi-osikwâsâsamwak pânisâwâna. kîsihtâwak kâhkêwak.Eventually they finish smoke-drying the sheets of moose meat. They finished making smoke-dried moose meat.
wahikanakthîyîwahikanakground moose meat. (NA-pl)
thîwahikîwak ôko. thîwahikana î-osihâcik.yîwahikêwak ôki. yîwahikana ê-osihâcik..They are grinding dried moose meat. They are making pounded dried meat.
pimîhkânpimîhkân pemmican (NI)
asinamwak pimiy, thîwahikana ikwa takwahiminâna ta-osihtâcik pimîhkân.asinamwak pimiy, yîwahikana êkwa takwahiminâna ta-osihtâcik pimîhkân.They bunch up lard, ground meat, and choke-cherries to make pemmican.
nîmâwinnîmâwinprovisions for travel (NI)
kâ-pimôtîhonâniwik, mithwâsin pimîhkân ta-nîmâniwik.kâ-pimohtêhohk, miywâsin pimîhkân ta-nîmânihk.When travelling, pemmican is good to take along for provisions.

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