SICC Language Keepers Conference 2019

It’s been quite a few years since I attended the annual SICC Language Keepers conference. It’s fabulous to see how it continues to grow, now under the leadership of Wanda Wilson and her dedicated staff. Some estimated 1000 people in attendance: a powerful collective concern for promoting Indigenous language preservation and revitalization.

It was a delight to greet so many friends, old and new. In addition to the few I caught in photos (captioned above), I got to enjoy genuine in-person face time with Karen Clark of University of Regina Press, Kevin Waddell of SIIT, Heather Souter of University of Manitoba, Charlotte Ross, a former student of the late Freda Ahenakew, now a doctoral student at University of Victoria. (And next time I see that Simon Bird, I’m gonna make them keep snapping until *I* look good too!)

Sincere thanks to everyone who stopped to say tânisi: it’s an honour to know that the work of Cree Literacy Network and its members is finding its way to people who want and need it!

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  1. tâpwê miywâsin tâ-nakiskâtân otâhk-ispayiw! kinanâskomitinân kahkiyaw kâ-sôhki-atoskâtaman…

    It was great to meet you last week at the Conference, Arden! We are grateful to you for all your hard work…

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