Look who’s watching: Hockey in Cree

nikotwâsik tipahikan ka-mâcipayik anôhc.
Seven o’clock it starts today.

Join Darryl Chamakese and his son “oskâpêwis” in cheering the resilience and resurgence of Cree as a 21st-century language as they watch his “nôhcâwîs” (little father or Uncle) Jason tonight on APTN. I’ve heard rumours that the Winnipeg Jets and the Chicago Blackhawks may also make an appearance in full regalia. 😉

Click here for highlights from the March 24th 2019 first-ever APTN broadcast of hockey in Cree – and type “hockey” into the search bar on the right for other hockey-related posts and vocabulary that will help with the cheering!

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