Dawn Marie Marchand at Câhcacêp Art & Tea House, Edmonton

Only three days left to view Dawn Marie Marchand’s solo exhibition at the Câhcacep Gallery Café, owned and operated in Edmonton by the remarkable Jerry and Jo-Ann Saddleback. câhcacêp means “a little bit of everything” – and in addition to Dawn Marie’s works (available at every size and price point), the gallery also features blankets, jewelry, vintage clothing and footwear. And whether you can treat yourself to a piece of gorgeous original artwork or not, you are always welcome to pihtikwê, api, maskîhkapoy minihkwê! (Come in, sit down, drink some tea!) 

Thanks to Anita Jenkins, too, for sharing this link to Boyle McCauley News – her neighbourhood newsletter – where a piece from Paula Kirman appears with more photos. https://bmcnews.org/story/cahcacep-art-teahouse-opens-in-mccauley?fbclid=IwAR1HfQbhhxMS3yKfXrfTGXqEG7gzzO0ckLvW_VCHriQ-riS-5vXZXt_fE4s

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  1. miyasin n congrats to jerry and joanne for opening an indigenious café in etown n hope to see more of our artists beautiful work ay’hay

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