Atikamekw Vocabulary Tools (in French):

Have you ever wondered about the r-dialect of Cree? Atikamekw is one of the Cree dialects spoken in southwest Quebec in the communities of Obidjewan, Manawan and Wemontachie. People there call their language Nehiromowin. Merci à mon amie Marie-Christine Payette d’avoir partager ce site: ay-hay mistahi, Marie-Christine, for sharing this! 

Although the Quebec-based Alloprof website is presented only in French, much of the Atikamek vocabulary will sound very familiar to speakers of Cree (audio is provided for all vocabulary, along with helpful illustrations). Some words, such as masinahikan “book” are exactly the same. Other words look more different than they sound because of the French-based spelling system. The letter o is used (as it is in French) for both the o and the w of SRO; tc is used for SRO c; c is used for sh (not an SRO sound). And finally, of course, Attikamekw also has larger differences in word choice and grammar that go well beyond a small vocabulary sample of 500 words – but checking to see what you recognize is still a lot of fun.


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