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  1. Thank you so much for this!
    I am Ojibwa and I have many Cree friends, I have learned some from them but have always wanted to learn more.
    This is amazing!

    Thank you very much.

  2. Hello,

    Thank you so much for this! I am a Euro-Settler–Canadian who has two school-age daughters. We’ve been using this site A LOT during school closures. Every day we have “Cree class” and we go through these posts.

    It’s been awesome!

    1. What an awesome Website!! I have been trying to teach myself Cree for a couple years now and it has been really difficult. I think the main reason is I don’t know anyone who I can practice with.
      I am trying to connect with my roots. It really appreciate your website.
      Thank you 🙏

  3. WoW Solomon! Im thinking I need to brush up on my Cree and so I did a search. Not sure if you remember me but you had a BIG impact on my studies in Regina. This is a great application and I was so happy to see your name. Rea-Anne Weekley Grad 199* SIAST something

  4. This is Muhammad aND I am a teacher at Katawapiskak Elementary school, Attawaoiskat, ON. This is amazing website to learn Cree.

    1. Thanks Muhammad, and welcome. I’m glad you’re finding stuff that works for you! ahkamêyimo! (persevere!)

  5. I would like to learn Cree because it’s such a beautiful language, but I’m white. It’s that considered appropriation or appreciation? Thank you!

    1. I’m non-Indigenous, too. I’ve been taught that learning the language is a sign of respect, but the language is not *my* birthright, and, as a second language speaker, I will never achieve “Native speaker” competence.

  6. My mother and father are from Sweetgrass. Myself I was adopted out and raised within a white culture. I am interest in learning my culture and getting to know my native language.

  7. I have always been interested in the Native American culture. I hope I can learn more about those amazing people, language, customs and traditions.

  8. A language is what connects you to other people, breaks boundaries and you become enriched. Learning a Native American language is worthwhile, you celebrate other’s identity, your own and you have respect for their existence and yours.

    You are contributing to the survival of the Cree language and many more.
    Thank you

  9. I am always searching for cultural and traditional educational activities online. I am always excited for our cree language to be teached, learned, and taken seriously. Even if the teachings are sold for money or even if the teachings are free. The education will always be taken seriously and a consideration for many generations to educate and respect. Thank you
    Lester James Scott

  10. Hi my name is Oliveen Sanderson from La Ronge, this is my first Cree class and I am looking forward to this semester. Hiy-Hiy.

  11. Hi, my name is Audra Isaac, and I’m looking forward to being in this class. My daughter, who is 10, would like to learn Cree, so I’m doing it for both of us. Hiy-Hiy.

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