Stay home: Learn Cree 10. Numbers

While we’re all in isolation, we’re going to try to post one video a day from Sol’s existing teaching library, and the teaching libraries of some of his friends. Like Sasquatch himself, Solomon Ratt has experience with self isolation. Who better to help out with online Cree lessons for remote learning?  

Today we’ve got two videos about numbers. The first is Brian MacDonald’s Numbers song (with SRO spelling corrected below). Second is a teaching video from Solomon Ratt.

This song has been taught at least a million times in Cree country. If only we could count that high!  

  1. pêyak  ᐯᔭᐠ
  2. nîso  ᓃᓱ
  3. nisto  ᓂᐢᑐ
  4. nêwo  ᓀᐓ
  5. niyânan  ᓂᔮᓇᐣ
  6. nikotwâsik  ᓂᑯᑤᓯᐠ
  7. têpakohp  ᑌᐸᑯᐦᑊ
  8. ayinânêw  ᐋᔨᓈᓀᐤ
  9. kêkâ-mitâtaht   ᑫᑲ ᒥᑖᑕᐦᐟ
  10. mitâtaht   ᒥᑖᑕᐦᐟ

Sol’s video starts with one to ten, then moves into teens, twenties, hundreds, etc., teaching the various suffixes and morphemes you need to count all day. 

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