University of Saskatchewan Graduate Honour Song (y-dialect)

Thanks to Winona Wheeler for sharing this YouTube post from Media Production at University of Saskatchewan ( in honour of 2020 graduates, and congratulations to each one of them: We are all proud of your accomplishments and wish you great success.

Winona writes:

Thank you Joseph Naytowhow and Rachel Fiddler for reviving this song written by late Tyrone Tootoosis in honour of our students. Thank you also to Joan Greyeyes for seeing the need and commissioning Tyrone to create this song, and to the Walking Buffalo Singers.

Higher education

A Treaty right & promise of education

An institution of higher learning

Let us give a War Cry [to Celebrate and Rejoice]

pasikô-âcihowin ôma
Our individual and collective journeys in seeking independence

kihci-kiskinohamāsowin Higher Education ē-kī-asotamākawiyāhk A Treaty Right & Promise to Education kihci-kiskinwahamâtowikamik An Institution of Higher Learning sākowātētān Let us give a War Cry to Celebrate and Rejoice pasikô-âcihowin ôma Our Individual and Collective Journeys in Seeking Independence

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