New nêhiyawêwin Classroom Materials from Blue Quills

What a fabulous surprise to receive this treasure in the mail from University nuhelot’įne thaiyots’į nistameyimâkanak Blue Quills and its Cree Language Program Language Resource Developer, Tina Wellman. A tremendous amount of work has gone into creating this collection:

Cree classroom teachers will be especially pleased with the UnBQ Lesson Plan Kit ($40) that includes:

  • Flash cards (photographic, full-colour ~ 5×7″)
  • Memory game cards (that can also be used for “Go Fish”)
  • 2 Lesson Plan books (12 lessons each, including vocabulary, activities and games)
    • wâposo-tâpakwêwin (Rabbit Snaring)
    • pipon mîciwin êkwa pipon mêtawêwina (Winter Food and Winter Games)
  • USB stick loaded with
    • printable/handout material
    • 4 videos that compliment lesson plans and handouts.
  • Be sure to ask about corresponding storybooks, which are sold separately.

A complete set of the twelve newest books can also be purchased as a set for $40.

A complete catalog list (including grade level and pricing) can be found here:

Send your orders (and questions) by email to: Be sure to include your name and address!

(Note: Cree Literacy Network is not involved in sale or distribution of these materials, but sends warm congratulations to all involved in their creation.)

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