Cree Language Warriors (ca. 1990)

I’m not sure who took the photo of this good looking, passionate gang of Cree language warriors  kitâhkamêyimonâwâw, but 30+ years later, they’re all still hard at work.

Posed together in this undated photo from SICC, we have: from the back, left to right, Laura Burnouf, Edie Venne, Minnie McKenzie, Jean Okimâsis; front, left to right:  Eleanor Hegland, Solomon Ratt, Arok Wolvengrey.

I’m also not sure who owns this gem of a photo that most recently surfaced on FaceBook, thanks to Belinda Daniels. I’m sharing it anyway to remind us of the extraordinary commitment to Cree language and literacy that that we can all help perpetuate.


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