Sacred Stories Heal, Zoom Session 3: 15 February 2021, 7pm CST

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Passcode: 770097

  • Zoom sessions will take place each Monday in February: 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd.
  • Each session begins at 7pm Central Standard Time.
    (7pm in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, 6pm in Alberta)
  • Sessions will be jointly hosted by Solomon Ratt and Ramona MacKenzie
  • Sessions will be recorded for later viewing online.

Session One video recordings (thanks to Ramona MacKenzie) can be found at the following links (along with previous renditions of the same stories). Session One included:

  1. The Rolling Head,
  2. Wisahkecahk and the Dogs, and
  3. Wisahkecahk and the Birch Trees.

Only one story was recorded in Session Two (thanks Ramona MacKenzie). By request, two stories that weren’t recorded that day will be repeated in the remaining sessions.

  1. Big Skunk

While we’re all waiting for the next session to start, here’s a little sound bite from Sol, to help set the scene:

nikiskisin wanihikîskanâhk kâ-kî-awâsisîwiyân. î-kî-pipohk, î-tahki-tipiskâk, mâci-sôhkithowîw ikosi kotak mihti nipônînân ikwa nikîsowisininân nisîsîp-akohpiminâhk. nohtâwiy mâmihk âmaciwîspimowinihk kî-mahiskam. nimisak kayâs kî-sipwîtahâwak ayamihâwi-kiskinwahamâtowikamikohk isi. nîthanân poko, nikâwiy, nîtha, nistîs, ikwa nisîmis ikota wâskahikanisihk kâ-kî-ayâyâhk, ita kapî-pipon kâ-wî-wîkiyâhk. ôhôw kitow. wâsaskocînkanis nisaskahînân ikwa nikâwiy mâci-âcathôhkîw, kotak wîsahkîcâhk âcathôhkîwin.

ᓂᑭᐢᑭᓯᐣ ᐘᓂᐦᐃᑮᐢᑲᓈᕽ ᑳ ᑮ ᐊᐚᓯᓰᐏᔮᐣ᙮ ᐄ ᑮ ᐱᐳᕽ, ᐄ ᑕᐦᑭ ᑎᐱᐢᑳᐠ, ᒫᒋ ᓲᐦᑭᖪᐑᐤ ᐃᑯᓯ ᑯᑕᐠ ᒥᐦᑎ ᓂᐴᓃᓈᐣ ᐃᑿ ᓂᑮᓱᐏᓯᓂᓈᐣ ᓂᓰᓰᐸᑯᐦᐱᒥᓈᕽ᙮ ᓄᐦᑖᐏᐩ ᒫᒥᕽ ᐋᒪᒋᐑᐢᐱᒧᐏᓂᕽ ᑮ ᒪᐦᐃᐢᑲᒼ᙮ ᓂᒥᓴᐠ ᑲᔮᐢ ᑮ ᓯᐿᑕᐦᐋᐘᐠ ᐊᔭᒥᐦᐋᐏ ᑭᐢᑭᓌᐦᐊᒫᑐᐏᑲᒥᑯᕽ ᐃᓯ᙮ ᓃᖬᓈᐣ ᐳᑯ, ᓂᑳᐏᐩ, ᓃᖬ, ᓂᐢᑏᐢ, ᐃᑿ ᓂᓰᒥᐢ ᐃᑯᑕ ᐚᐢᑲᐦᐃᑲᓂᓯᕽ ᑳ ᑮ ᐊᔮᔮᕽ, ᐃᑕ ᑲᐲ ᐱᐳᐣ ᑳ ᐑ ᐑᑭᔮᕽ᙮ ᐆᐦᐆᐤ ᑭᑐᐤ᙮ ᐚᓴᐢᑯᒌᐣᑲᓂᐢ ᓂᓴᐢᑲᐦᐄᓈᐣ ᐃᑿ ᓂᑳᐏᐩ ᒫᒋ ᐋᒐᖫᐦᑮᐤ, ᑯᑕᐠ ᐑᓴᐦᑮᒑᕽ ᐋᒐᖫᐦᑮᐏᐣ᙮

Thoughts of the trapline when I was a child. On a cold winter night the wind begins to rise so we put more firewood into the stove and snuggle in for the night under our down-filled comforters. Dad has gone downriver to Stanley for supplies. My older sisters have been gone for months to the Residential School. It’s only my mom, me, my older brother, and younger brother in the cabin which is our home for the winter. An owl hoots. In the candle light my mother begins another Wisahkecahk story.

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