Sacred Stories Heal, Final Zoom Session: 22 February 2021, 7pm CST

[updated 22 Feb, 7pm]

To join live Zoom session, Click Here

Passcode: 642920

  • Zoom sessions will take place each Monday in February: 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd.
  • Each session begins at 7pm Central Standard Time.
    (7pm in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, 6pm in Alberta)
  • Sessions will be jointly hosted by Solomon Ratt and Ramona MacKenzie
  • Sessions will be recorded for later viewing online.

Video recordings from each session (thanks to Ramona MacKenzie) can be found at the following links:

Session One included:

  1. The Rolling Head,
  2. Wisahkecahk and the Dogs, and
  3. Wisahkecahk and the Birch Trees.

Only one story was recorded in Session Two (thanks Ramona MacKenzie). By request, two stories* that weren’t recorded that day will be repeated in the remaining sessions.

  1. Big Skunk

Session 3 included five stories. The first three were experimentally drawn from an English-only publication, and translated back into Cree in performance, reclaiming and re-animating them in their original language.

  1. Origin of the Moon (English read by Arden Ogg)
  2. Wisahkecahk and the Rabbit (English read by Darian Âcikahtê)
  3. Wisahkecahk and the Moose’s Coat (English read by Ramona MacKenzie)
  4. *Wisahkecahk Migrates with the Geese (th-dialect) Solomon Ratt 2016, 2021
  5. *Wisahkecahk and the Wihtiko

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