I was torn: Solomon Ratt (th-dialect)

kikâwînaw askîhk ohci:
kanâtaskîhk î-kî-wîkiyân.
nikî-tâtopitikawin ikota ohci

ᓂᑮ ᑖᑐᐱᑎᑲᐏᐣ
ᑭᑳᐑᓇᐤ ᐊᐢᑮᕽ ᐅᐦᒋ:
ᑲᓈᑕᐢᑮᕽ ᐄ ᑮ ᐑᑭᔮᐣ᙮
ᓂᑮ ᑖᑐᐱᑎᑲᐏᐣ ᐃᑯᑕ ᐅᐦᒋ
ᑕ ᓂᑕᐏ ᐊᔭᒥᐦᒋᑮᔮᐣ
ᐊᔭᒥᐦᐋᐏ ᑭᐢᑭᓌᐦᐊᒫᑐᐏᓂᕽ᙮

I was torn from Our Mother Earth
as I was living on sacred land.
I was torn from there
to go to school
at the Residential School.

Sol sent a link to accompany this reflection, about All Saints School in Lac La Ronge where he was taken year after year. Of his dear father – whose heart broke to send his children there – Sol says: “My dad would try to say ‘All Saints School’ but the best he could do was ‘wâcinskôl.’ He ran away on the first day he was there and never looked back.”

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