Congratulations, Belinda Daniels, PhD

tâpwê kihci! kimamihcihinân!

ᑖᐻ ᑭᐦᒋ! ᑭᒪᒥᐦᒋᐦᐃᓈᐣ!

Truly great! You make us proud.

Belinda Daniels, PhD (that’s Dr Belinda Daniels!) completed her interdisciplinary doctoral defense at the University of Saskatchewan yesterday via Zoom, and we are so very pleased for her! Thanks to her supervisor, Dr Debbie Pushor of the College of Education, who was kind enough to capture the moment for the rest of us.

Belinda’s interdisciplinary dissertation is bilingually titled: ē-kakwē nēhiyaw pimātisiyān ōta nīkihk – The Lifelong Journey Home. 

For those who’ve never met her, here’s her bio from UofS: Belinda Daniels is the founder of nēhiyawak Summer Language Experience, and teaches others how to teach Cree as a second language on various First Nations Reserves. Belinda won the Outstanding Canadian Aboriginal Educator Award in 2015 for work in language development, and was one of the 2016 Global Teacher Prize finalist. Belinda is currently a doctoral candidate at the University of Saskatchewan and Alberta, and volunteers on several boards such as United Way, Dr. Sterling McDowell Foundation and Indspire.

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