Imagine, translated by Solomon Ratt (th-dialect)

Sol’s at it again. This time, John Lennon’s classic Imagine: and all on the first take! No English included here, due to copyright.

You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m imagining everyone singing along in Cree! 😉


nama-kway kihci-kîsik
wîhcasin kocihtâ
ma-kway mac(i-i)skotîw
ispimihk kîsik poko
kahkithaw ithiniwak
pimâtisiwak, âhâ-â-â

ma-kway piskic-askiya
namôtha âthiman
mwâ-wiyak ta-nipahiht
ma-kway (ay)amihâwin
kahkithaw ithiniwak
wîtaskîm(i)towak, kîtha~~

opowâmisk kitisin
namôtha nîtha poko
askiy wânaskîwin
nama-kway ta-ayâyahk
matwân ka-kaskihtân
ma-kway nohtîkatîwin

kahkithaw ithiniwak
mâtinamâtowak, kîtha ~~
opowâmisk kitisin
namôtha nîtha poko

For the sake of comparison: what follows here is Sol’s first, literal, fully detailed translation. Carefully prepared, nothing excluded. It’s fascinating to see how much detailed text must be sacrificed in order to produce a singable result (like the one above). Thanks, Sol, for sharing both, and letting us see the process, too.

mâmitonîthihta nama-kîkway kihci-kîsik
wîhcasin kocihtâyani
nama-kîkway maci-iskotîw
ispimihk kîsik poko

mâmitonîthimik athisitiniwak
anohc î-ohci-pimâtisicik, âhâ-â-â

mâmitonîthihta nama-kîkway piskic-askiya
namôtha âthiman
nama-kîkway ta-nipahtâyan
nama-kîkway mîna ayamihâwin

mâmitonîthimik athisitiniwak
î-wîtaskîmitocik, kîtha~~
kika-itwân î-powâtiskiyân
mâka namôtha nîtha poko
tapika kîtahtawî takî-wîcîwiyahk
ikwa askiy ta-piyakwahkamikan

mâmitonîthihta nama-kîkway ayâwin
matwâncî ka-kaskihtân
nama-katâc âsponîsiwn,nohtîkatîwin

mâmitonîthimik athisitiniwak î-mâtinamâtocik askiy, kîtha ~~
kakî-itwân î-powâtiskiyân
mâka namôtha nîtha poko
tapika kîtahtawî ta-wîcîwiyahk
ikwa ta-wîtaskîmitoyahk

About Arden Ogg

Arden Ogg is Director of the Cree Literacy Network, launched in 2010 with the goal of creating Cree language literacy materials suitable for use by learners of all ages.
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