A Brian MacDonald Collection via YouTube

Here’s a great find from YouTube to share with young learners: thirteen classic Brian MacDonald songs for kids in Cree, all at one Youtube link. Sung by a beautiful group of little Cree learners, and gently led by Brian MacDonald and his guitar. No wonder these songs are Cree classroom classics. (Thanks to Carissa Naitus for sharing the link on FaceBook!)

Thanks also to Dolores Greyeyes Sand and Ken Paupanekis, who give us a head start collecting lyrics, and who have also shared some teaching variations of their own to expand the collection.

Title(English)Lyrics PageYouTube Link
tânisiHellotânisi songtânisi
pêyak, nîso, nisto, nêwoNumber SongNumber Songpêyak, nîso, nisto, nêwo
piyêsisakFive Little BirdsFive Little Birdspiyêsisak
pikisikiwakAnimalsnikiwâpamaw ___
ômisi itwê: ___
mihkwaw, kaskitêwaw, wapiskaw, osâwawRed, Black, White, Yellow (Colour song)mihkwâw, kaskitêwâw, wâpiskâw, osâwâwmihkwâw, kiaskitêwâw, wâpiskaw, osâwaw
kîspin kimiwêyihtinIf you’re happy kîspin kimîywêyihtênkîspin ki-miywêhtin
awîna niya?Who am I? Ken Paupanekis’s version kêkwan ôma (What is this?) : awêna ôma (Who is this?) (n-dialect)awîna niya?
tipahikanTime at SchoolTime at Schooltipahikan
kika-nikiskawanaw[to follow]kika-nikiskawanaw
ohtenahkIn town [to follow]otenahk
wahkomakanakMy relations[to follow]wahkomakanak
miyoskaminSpringBrian MacDonald: miyoskaminmiyoskamin
niwanihtan, niwanihaw[to follow]niwanihtan, niwanihan

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