Destiny Thomas: I Promise to my Children (y-dialect)

Thanks to Destiny Thomas for sharing this poem she wrote in her FNUC advanced Cree Creative Writing class, along with her own audio and family portrait. It is really a joy to see people claiming their birthright by learning to read and write and express themselves in Cree. It’s even sweeter to see, through this poem dedicated literally to Destiny’s children, the commitment to share that right with the next generation.

nitasocikān nitawāsimisakI Promise to my Children
kīspin pahkisiniyani, If you fall,
kika-naskwēnitin.I will pick you up.
kīspin mātoyani, If you cry,
nika-kāsīhēn kiskīsikwa.I will wipe your eyes.
kīspin mēcimosiniyani, If you’re stuck,
kika-wīcihitin.I will help.
kīspin pīkiskātisiyani, If you’re sad,
kika-atamihitin.I will make you smile.
kīspin āhkosiyani, If you’re sick,
kika-pamihitin.I will help you feel better.
kīspin kisiwāsiyani, If you’re angry,
nika-naskwān.I will fight.
kīspin wanisiniyani, If you’re lost,
nika-miskwēyihcikān.I will help find a way.
piko iyikohk kīkway kā-wanitōtākoyan, No matter what you find wrong,
ēkota nika-ispahtān.I will be there quickly.
kika-nākatohkātin āhci piko ispī ayāyāni kisē-manitonāhk.I will be there for you even when I’m in the spirit world.

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  1. Thank you Destiny!
    I listened to this over and over and shared it with my entire family. I absolutely love our language. Both of my parents speak Cree it is their first language. I understand more than I speak however I continue to learn.
    I’m so excited that all your babies will be learning our language. You have a beautiful family and I’m so proud of you.

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