The news of 215 unmarked graves around Kamloops Residential School is devastating. But Kamloops is only one school site. Across Canada, children were sent out to play on the unmarked graves of other children. The deaths were unrecorded. The families remained uninformed.  This is the definition of “crime against humanity”: 

Rosanna Deerchild writes “Canada must convene searches of all former residential school sites for more buried children.” And she points out via hashtag: #reconciliationisyourwork. So here I write as one of the “your.” How can we help make this happen?

Here’s a petition we can all sign, started by Crystal Fafard in Saskatoon:

#215children #bringthemhome #takethemhome

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  1. The children from residential school never made it home but there were also children sent to hospital like in Edmonton Charles can sell hospital. My friends sister is buried somewhere in Edmonton she was never brought home nor were her family told where she is buried. In time of tb a lot of children were away for long periods at a time. On reserves there are mass graves from the mission small pox those children were never identified just a mass grave. That is sad!

  2. It is not just sad…it is raising a question that neither the brain can form it nor the lips can pronounce it. “How many similar unknown mass graves are around us and…?”

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