Stages of Grief: Solomon Ratt (y-dialect)

kâ-isi-mâsihtâhk pîkiskâtisiwin : Stages of Grief

ânwêhcikêwin; Denial

sisikotêyihtamowin; kîskimisowin; pîkwêyihtamowin;
shock; numbness; anxiety

kisiwâsiwin; Anger

kostâciwin; âcikêwin; âpêhowin; atâmêyihtamowin; osâmiyawêsiwin; wanwêyihtamowin; naskwâwin

fear; like screaming; revenge; blaming; frustration; confusion; resistance

wiyîhcikêwin; Bargaining

kâh-kîhtwâm sâsipwêwêpayihtâw; têyihtâkwan ka-mîskotônaman;
replaying of events; thinking you can change the outcome

kîwâtêyimowin; Depression

nêstosiwin; namwâc kaskihtâw ta-aywêpit; namôya kaskihtâw ta-atoskêt; pakwâtisiwin;
ê-micimosihk; kaski-tipiskâw pikw-êtê; namwâc kaskihtâw ta-âtohtêt; tâpiskôc

tiredness; inability to relax; lack of focus; worthlessness; no way out; darkness everywhere; inability to move forward; feeling immobilized

miyo-otinikêwin; Acceptance

âstêyâspinêwin; nawac ati-nôhtê-itahkamikisiw; nawac ati-nahâpahcikêw;

nawac yâhkisitisêyihtâkosiw; tâpwêyihtam ta-âtohtêt;
less pain; more energy; more focus; feel lighter; commitment to moving forward

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