Do you wonder? Solomon Ratt (th-, y-dialects)

kîsikohk cî mâna kititâpin ispî kâ-tipiskâk ta-mâmaskâtacik acâhkosak?

ᑮᓯᑯᕽ ᒌ ᒫᓇ ᑭᑎᑖᐱᐣ ᐃᐢᐲ ᑳ ᑎᐱᐢᑳᐠ ᑕ ᒫᒪᐢᑳᑕᒋᐠ ᐊᒑᐦᑯᓴᐠ?

Do you look to the sky at night to wonder about the stars?

Photo credit: Teddy Kelly (But Sol promises an equivalent shot from his next mountain adventure!)

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