pîwahcikana | Crumbs: Solomon Ratt (y-dialect)

pîwahcikana | Crumbs

kimêyikonawak iyiniw Governor General; iyiniw Poet Laueate, iyiniw pîkiskwêwin Commission, ta-kî-masinahamahk kitiyiniw wîhowininawa Pass Portihk…konta êwakoni! kiyâpic namôya wî-oyasiwâtêwak ayamihêwiyiniwa ahpô wiyawâw ta-oyasiwâtisocik.

ᑭᒣᔨᑯᓇᐘᐠ ᐃᔨᓂᐤ Governor General; ᐃᔨᓂᐤ Poet Laueate, ᐃᔨᓂᐤ ᐲᑭᐢᑵᐏᐣ Commission, ᑕ ᑮ ᒪᓯᓇᐦᐊᒪᕽ ᑭᑎᔨᓂᐤ ᐑᐦᐅᐏᓂᓇᐘ ᐸᐢ ᐳᕒᑎᕽ…ᑯᐣᑕ ᐁᐘᑯᓂ! ᑭᔮᐱᐨ ᓇᒨᔭ ᐑ ᐅᔭᓯᐚᑌᐘᐠ ᐊᔭᒥᐦᐁᐏᔨᓂᐘ ᐊᐦᐴ ᐏᔭᐚᐤ ᑕ ᐅᔭᓯᐚᑎᓱᒋᐠ᙮

They give us an Indigenous Governor General, an Indigenous Poet Laureate, an Indigenous Languages Commission, and we can write our Indigenous names on passports. But that is all nothing: they still won’t charge the churches or themselves.

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  1. Crumbs is right! Let’s see something substantial. They know we need clean water, new schools (so our children don’t have t go to Thunderbay to be murdered) and new homes. We need to house the homeless, up the rehabilitation, provide more care, food and education or skills training, entrepreneurial supports and whatever it takes to turn things around. We need our own schools urban and rural to take over the education to provide it our way in our languages. We need access to the “trust account” of which we have paid for in blood!

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