Spirit of the Language | Treaty 6 Indigenous Language Reclamation Conference ​

Kyle Napier and Lana Whiskyjack have shared exciting news about their upcoming language conference: Spirit of the Language | Treaty 6 Indigenous Language Reclamation Conference​, and we’re happy to pass on their invitation.

Conference Date:
10:00am – 4:00pm MST
Saturday – July 17, 2021
Presented via Zoom

EMAIL spiritofthelanguage@gmail.com for your FREE REGISTRATION DETAILS!

Quoting the website: “The Spirit of the Language conference offers a platform for Indigenous scholars in Treaty 6 whose scholarship prioritizes the spirit of community-based Indigenous language reclamation and sovereignty. The conference will have multiple streams, ensuring presentation space for Indigenous scholars at all academic stages wishing to share their collaborative language work related to the theme. Art may be submitted independently, or may accompany poster talks, paper presentations, or project panels.”

3 Responses

  1. I have not, for years, encountered an activity to be as great in importance as this revival of the language is.
    Language has an spirit that contains all sorts of lives from culture to duties, etc.

    Thank you all,


    1. Thanks for the quick catch, Aaron. It’s a new “feature” of my failing Mac Keyboard. It randomizes the number of zeroes and Os I type: sometimes 2, sometimes none at all! lol!

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