Calendar 2022 – Solomon Ratt

The 2022 calendar is finally ready for printing: Hooray!

We’re presenting it here:

a) as a photo gallery below, so you can examine one page at a time,

and b) as a PDF that you can download and take to your nearest print shop to print a copy for yourself. We prefer to use 20lb paper, legal size, and have the pages spiral bound.

Click to access SR2022-Calendar_ACO4.pdf


You can find the audio for months, days of the week and moon phases where they were posted for the 2020 calendar (they don’t change!):

Audio January 2022: Sacred Stories Heal (y- and th-dialects)

Audio for February 2022

Audio for March 2022

Audio for April 2022

Audio for May 2022

Audio for June 2022

Audio for July 2022

Audio for August 2022

Audio for September 2022

Audio for October 2022

Audio for November 2022

Audio for December 2022

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