Every Child Matters (n, th, and y-dialects)

One final post for Truth and Reconciliation Week. A message to carry all year through because it’s as true for the child who was taken, the parents left behind, and those who never made it home. But now, it’s also true for the thousands of children who wore orange shirts this year, and walked or danced, wore their braids or tried to speak their language to show their love and respect for those who were robbed of the chance.

Audio is provided here by Arden Ogg, to recognize the emotionally exhausting week experienced by all those who carry the burden of residential school experience every single day.

Thanks, Dawn Marie Marchand, for the vibrance and energy your background provides with the verbal message.

Following are two more pieces of significance that Solomon Ratt contributed to the larger discussion. We take special pride in the appearance of Darian Âcikahtê, whose work as a next-generatioon language warrior is just beginning.


From First Nations University:



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