The Wind Whispers: Solomon Ratt (y-, th-, n-dialects)


Alternating between dialects is not always straightforward. Last week, we published a list of examples of regular and irregular dialect changes. This meme captures yet another example of the kinds of dialect variation that can occur within a single sentence:

  • The word for “wind” changes from yôtin to thôtin to nôtin
  • kiyâm remains unchanged
  • The word for “whispers” also varies:
    • kimwêw (y-dialect),
    • kîmôcayamiw (th-dialect),
    • kîmôci-ayamiw (n-dialect), which is really the form as in th-dialect, but with less contraction

Photo credit: Solomon Ratt. n-dialect information, Cameron Adams.

(The header for this post referred initially to the moon, but is now corrected; the “permalink” preserves the error. In my defense, the wind was whispering: it was hard to hear!)

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