What does ‘kiyâm’ mean?

It’s gotten to be a fairly regular thing that conversations between Solomon Ratt and myself take an unexpected turn into left field – sometimes all the way into the territory of epic comedians Abbott and Costello (pictured above). Wondering which of us is which? Here’s an example that Sol made up, but tâpwê: it could have happened that way for real!

Me: What does ‘kiyâm’ mean?

Sol: Never mind.

Me: But I want to know.

Sol: Oh well.

Me: Please.

Sol: It’s okay.

Me: Why?

Sol: Think nothing of it.

Me: Don’t you know?

Sol: Quietly.

Me (whispering): So much for this.

Sol: Yes.

Some of the many meanings of “kiyâm”

      • oh well
      • it’s okay
      • never mind
      • think nothing of it
      • so much for this
      • anyway
      • rather
      • let it be
      • let there be no further delay
      • please
      • let’s go then
      • do so
      • quietly

Me (still trying): So you’re really not gonna tell me?

Sol: Let it go!

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