Say It First Kids’ Books in Cree

The “Say It First” library of kids books just keeps growing and growing, expanding in an impressive range of Indigenous languages. On their website, you can learn more about the project, its founders and its supporters.

Since the books themselves are organized by English titles, it can be challenging to find language-specific collections. Luckily, their YouTube Playlists group the read-along videos by language, so you can choose – and play through – the entire selection in the language and dialect of your choice. To help you dig in, here are links to the play lists, all part of the Say It First YouTube channel.

Listen and enjoy familiar voices while you (and your kids) read along!

Say It First Cree language Play Lists: 

Plains Cree (y-dialect) read by Jean Okimâsis:

Swampy Cree (n-dialect) translated by Roman Young:

Woodland Cree (th-dialect) ready by Solomon Ratt:

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