SayItFirst Books in Cree: An up-to-the-minute catalog

I think we can all be grateful for the power of small, direct acts against the erosion of Indigenous language, and for another genuine act of kindness from Mike Parkhill of SayItFirst Books. Since I struggled to work out which books were in Cree, and how to order them, I wrote to Mike to ask for help. He responded with this beautifully organized listing of all the books in Cree as of right now.

Remember: this is a project Mike has undertaken for its importance, and for the sheer joy of seeing it happen. They’re really charming little books, and I hope this helps them find their way into many more Cree homes and schools.

ay-hay, Mike: kinanâskomitinân (we are grateful to you!)

As an added bonus, the table also provides a guide for the videos, and notes the few books for which there are no videos (yet). (My last post about Say It First included listings from the YouTube channel).

TitleAgesn-dialecty-dialectth-dialectCategoryReason for Writing
I Can't Sleep5-9XXXBeginning readingHelping others and the community
Know What You Throw5-9XXXBeginning readingReuse, recycle, reduce
The Wet Picnic5-9XXXBeginning readingBullying prevention for young audience, specifically, exclusion is a form of bullying
I Wanna Be Rich5-9XXXBeginning readingPrepositions are the focus, rich in friends and not necessarily material wealth***No Video
What Will I Do5-9XXXBeginning readingEarly thinking about careers
The Muskrat's Clan5-9XXXBeginning readingIdentify a clan and why it is important to always act within it***No Video
Do Something4-8XXXBeginning readingBe active, not bored
Bedtime for Keiran4-8XHealth care booksSleep Hygiene
Let's Go Outside4-8XHealth care booksBeing Active with recommendations
I Am Not a Tattletail4-8XHealth care booksLearn when to tell in order to help someone or
My New Friend4-9XHealth care booksFirst Visit the the hospital
Where Do You Read4-8XXXHealth care booksLearning to love to read
Playing Defense4-8XXXHealth care booksVaccinations
Something's Missing4-8XXXHealth care booksOral hygiene
Ouch That Hurts4-8XXXHealth care booksPain identification and management
Always Have a Plan4-8XXXHealth care booksSnowmobile safety
I Am So Thirsty4-8XXXHealth care booksEarly diabetes detection
Hide and Peek2-5xxxDaycare booksAnimals
Tail Of a Tail2-5xxxDaycare booksBody Parts

Here’s what you need to know to order:

  • All stories are $8 each, minimum 10 stories per order
  • Email Mike:
  • Tell him
    • which title(s)
    • which dialect(s)
    • how many of each
      • (It might help to print out this table for reference, and mark it up)
    • who you are and where to ship the books
    • how you plan to pay
  • SayITFirst will pay the shipping.

I just love stories with happy endings, like this one has for now. I also love stories that just keep on going – and it seems this one holds that promise, too!

#nêhiyawêwin #ininîmowin #nîhithawîwin

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  1. This is fabulous. LIstening to them helps me figure out vocabulary! I am listening to the Y dialect videos on Youtube with my grandchildren. We hope to buy some soom!

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