pîkiskwêwin.ca launches on Indigenous Languages Day, 2022

Congratulations to Shannon Avison and all of her co-conspirators who chose today to launch their new website www.pikiskwewin.ca/, which features podcasts by fluent speakers in their Indigenous languages (including Woodlands Cree). The opportunity to listen to real speakers uninterrupted is a tool with fabulous potential for language revitalization, and the website’s a beauty.

Cree speakers and students will immediately recognize the Cree word pîkiskwêwin as the site’s name – a great choice that captures a whole range of meanings related to speech.

Today, they launched SIX Indigenous language podcast series today (including “Solsquatch Speaks”), with EIGHT more to follow next week. New episodes of each podcast are expected every second week over (at least) the next year. Shannon sends special thanks to Felicia Dewar and Ali Asikinack who brought all the bits and pieces together to create the beautiful new site, to the Government of Canada for funding the project, and to First Nations University for supporting it.

Want to hear Sol’s first podcast, featuring guest Darian Agecoutay? Click here.

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