mîno tipiska, Ellen Cook!

Winnipeg Cree language educator Colleen Omand has asked me to help her share some well-placed gratitude for Elder and language keeper Ellen Cook. They celebrated Ellen’s birthday together last night at a Winnipeg Jets Game, where a class of Cree language students from Isaac Brock sang “Oh Kanata” in the translation that Ellen prepared and taught them. The class was lead by,Lorraine George, their new teacher in the Isaac Brock Cree language program. It’s a gift to see Ellen’s teaching continue, even in the hands of new students and new teachers. Ellen and Colleen got to watch the game from great seats, too, provided by Kevin Chief who helped organize the whole event.

Ellen herself expressed thanks to Colleen, for inviting her into the classroom. Ellen says, “I am sure all the young First Nations kids who were at the game went home with a sense of pride in their heritage. I sure hope! Thanks WASAC for the tickets and thanks Colleen Omand for taking me! kisâkihitin!”

And thanks as well to the kids. Smile as you listen to these sweet voices (and watch for additional photos in the gallery, that Colleen has promised to send in the days to come):


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