Tell Me Stories (Paraphrasing LeGuin): Solomon Ratt (th-dialect)

As a faithful reader of Ursula K LeGuin, and a faithful reteller of important truths, two thoughts from LeGuin led to the reflection in Cree that Solomon Ratt shares with us here:


“You owe us the story”; “The untold story mothers the lie.”

Solomon Ratt:

“âcimostawin: kipihtowîwin ka-nîhtâwikihtâw kithâskiwina.”
ᐋᒋᒧᐢᑕᐏᐣ: ᑭᐱᐦᑐᐑᐏᐣ ᑲ ᓃᐦᑖᐏᑭᐦᑖᐤ ᑭᖭᐢᑭᐏᓇ᙮
Tell me stories: silence breeds lies.

Photo credit: Solomon Ratt, Pink Moon rising, 16 April 2021

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