Marlene Naytowhow: Midwifery

Thanks to Marlene Naytowhow for sharing some wonderful news in a really beautiful way. She created this piece for her “Expository Writing in Cree” class at First Nations University (Cree 305). The story of local midwifery is culturally inspiring, but for those of us focused on language and communications, her translation and production work gives us a glimpse of how good future communications in Cree are going to look, in well-trained hands. This piece of work is a joy to share!

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  1. Enjoying reading through this newsletter! I was curious about the dialect. I didn’t know Sturgeon Lake was a th-dialect community.

    1. Sturgeon Lake uses the Y-Dialect. The Cree transcription assignment posted here was done in the Woodland Cree TH-Dialect but using the most recent News found online which just happened to be about the new baby born to Miss Rabbitskin, and I found Ruth Daniels on another news post as well: I had met these two wonderful people in the past. Sorry for the confusion but I am glad you noticed that we have different Dialects in our communities. I am Woodland Cree from kisipikamâsihk and I had used the TH dialect on all of the Cree assignments we were given by Solomon. I do thank Sturgeon Lake for their news items which I used for my assignment… mistahi tîniki. It was their news, not mine, and great news. ninanâskomon.

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