Northern Cree Flag Song – A treaty reminder

Thanks to Celeste Tootoosis for sharing this link today on FaceBook to acknowledge Victoria Day as a reminder of the permanent promises of treaty. The words to Cree songs are often a little telegraphic – a kind of shorthand. That makes it even more important when Celeste connects the dots with a few extra comments in English (in square brackets).

The words here are adjusted a very little from those transcribed in the YouTube link by Ernest Hester – and Northern Cree provided the link for all of us to enjoy. We owe them both our thanks, so we can listen and read (or even sing) along.

kâkikê ka-wî-wêpâstan

ᑭᐦᒋ ᐅᑭᒫᐏᐢᑵᐤ
ᑭᑮ ᒦᑯᓇᐘ
ᑳᑭᑫ ᑲ ᐑ ᐍᐹᐢᑕᐣ

The Queen [Victoria]
Gave unto us
The flag [to remember we have a treaty]
May it forever wave in the wind

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