Buffy Sainte-Marie: tâpwê êkwa mamâhtawastotin

Buffy’s debut chapter book – in two editions: English and Plains Cree (y-dialect)!

How exciting to see Buffy Sainte-Marie on ET Canada promoting her new books for kids from Greystone, and even giving a shout-out to Solomon Ratt who did the translation (with editorial backup from friends and colleagues here at the Cree Literacy Network). Find the video here:


Of course, the books themselves are amazing. Tâpwê and the Magic Hat is a chapter book for young readers based on a story Buffy first created for her son when he was young. Its setting is the Piapot reserve, as she remembers it from the 1960s. When she and Greystone agreed to have a Cree-only edition prepared (in y-dialect), it became the first ever chapter book for young readers in Cree as tâpwê êkwa mamâhtawastotin. This is an enormously valuable resource for Cree language classrooms that are progressing in Cree language, and in reading proficiency. So when Buffy says (on ET) that it’s a gift, it’s a pretty big understatement.

Thank you Buffy, and thank you Greystone: kinanâskomitinân!

Greystone is now taking orders for both editions, which you can order directly via the links below. (Solomon Ratt got his advance copy last month – mine arrived today!)

Click these links to order from Greystone: 

Now also available for order through Chapters/Indigo: 

Or ask your local independent bookstore.

In the ET video, Buffy also gives a sneak peek at her next children’s book, still in press at Greystone. It’s based on the song “Still This Love Goes On” and stunningly illustrated by the amazing Julie Flett. So far, that one’s only in English (though Solomon has already translated the song itself). We’ll be keeping fingers crossed!


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