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New books for kids in Cree, two days in a row! This is the kind of resurgence we’ve been waiting for!

Congratulations to Cree Language Resource Developer Tina Wellman, and all of her colleagues at University nuhelot’įne thaiyots’į nistameyimâkanak Blue Quill including (but not limited to): Bill Crouse, Susan Dion, Gloria Gladue, Peggy Badger Gladue, Wayne Jackson, Lena Lapatack, Louis Lapatack, Jacey Metchawais, Tina Wellman, and Marjorie White. Together, they demonstrated some remarkable teamwork to create five more precious books for kids in Cree (y-dialect) and also in Denesųłiné. Cree translations are provided by Susan Dion, Tina Wellman, and the late Lynn McGilvery.

These five new Plains Cree titles (y-dialect), are all translations of popular favourites from beloved author Robert Munsch. Three include original illustrations by Michael Martchenko, and one by Jay Odjick. Blue Quills has provided original artwork by Bill Crouse to provide a genuine Cree feel in their edition of Love You Forever. And each of the books includes text in SRO and syllabics (text in English is not provided in these editions).

Corresponding audio isn’t available on the Blue Quills website – just yet – but, until it is, you may also request a USB stick with audio along with your books.The following table below provides the titles:

Original English TitlePlains Cree TitleSyllabic Title (Plains Cree)
Love You Forever kisâkihitin kâkikêᑭᓵᑭᐦᐃᑎᐣ ᑳᑭᑫ
Ready, Set, Goahaw, pimipahtâk êkwa sipwê-pahtâkᐊᐦᐊᐤ, ᐱᒥᐸᐦᑖᐠ ᐁᑿ ᓯᐻ ᐸᐦᑖᐠ
Smelly Sockspîcimâkosiwak asikanakᐲᒋᒫᑯᓯᐘᐠ ᐊᓯᑲᓇᐠ
Deep Snowtimikoniwᑎᒥᑯᓂᐤ

Available Only Through Blue Quills – Here’s how to order: 

  • Email: store<at>, or pre-pay with VISA by phoning 780-645-4455, ext. 105
  • OR: Use the PDF Order form (below, from their website, here.)
  • Remember to ask for corresponding USB stick with audio (if you’d like one).
  • (Note that Cree Literacy Network does not sell these books!)

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  1. Hi this is awesome I talk to my kids in cree or try to would love you purchase the books let me know greatly appreciated

    1. We’re excited too – but you need to order directly from Blue Quills. Follow the instructions in the post above.

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