Holah! Don Burnstick in Baker Lake, Nunavut

There’s gonna be a whole lot of jealous aunties when they find out I got Don Burnstick alone “backstage” in Baker Lake Nunavut. (Okay. Truthfully? It was the office of the Rec Centre, and we were chaperoned by his son Peyton, but still…)

As headliner for this year’s Festival on the Lake, Don’s new “adult” material had people rocking in their seats, holding their sides, covering their mouths and wiping the tears from their eyes as they laughed and laughed and laughed. It may have been eight years since his last visit, but Baker Lakers haven’t forgotten why they adore Don. It was an honour to stand back and watch the love and laughter flow. Thanks, Don, for all you share!

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  1. I am also trying to learn back my Cree language . what Don Burnstick said I can relate to it I am a Native Fancy Fast Dancer like him I know my culture but because I was not alow to speak my language I can not speak it . I am trying to learn it again . So I totally understand what Don Burnstick was saying when he said that he was trying to learn his Cree language back.

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