Mountains Are My Bones: Solomon Ratt (y- and th-dialects)

ᐘᒋᔭ ᓂᑐᐢᑲᓇ; ᓰᐱᔭ ᓂᒥᐦᑵᔮᐱᔭ; ᓴᑳᐘ ᓂᒫᒥᑐᓀᔨᐦᒋᑫᐏᓇ; ᐁᑿ ᐊᒑᐦᑯᓴᐠ ᓂᐸᐚᑕᒧᐏᓇ᙮ ᑭᐦᒋᑲᒥᕀ ᓂᑌᐦ ᐅᒪᑘᓯᓂᐏᐣ ᓂᐸᐦᑲᐦᐅᑯᐏᐣ; ᐊᐢᑭᕀ ᓂᑲᒧᐏᓇ ᒪᓯᓇᐦᐊᒷᐠ ᑭᑐᐦᒋᑫᐏᐣ ᓂᑕᑕᐦᑯᕽ᙮


waciya nitoskana; sîpiya nimiskoyâpiya; sakâwa nimâmitonîthihcikîwina; ikwa acâhkosak nipowâtamowina. kihcikamiy nitîh omatwîsiniwin nipahkahokowin; askiy-nikamowina masinahamwak kitohcikîwin nitatahkohk.

ᐘᒋᔭ ᓂᑐᐢᑲᓇ; ᓰᐱᔭ ᓂᒥᐢᑯᔮᐱᔭ; ᓴᑳᐘ ᓂᒫᒥᑐᓃᖨᐦᒋᑮᐏᓇ; ᐃᑿ ᐊᒑᐦᑯᓴᐠ ᓂᐳᐚᑕᒧᐏᓇ᙮ ᑭᐦᒋᑲᒥᕀ ᓂᑏᐦ ᐅᒪᑜᓯᓂᐏᐣ ᓂᐸᐦᑲᐦᐅᑯᐏᐣ; ᐊᐢᑭᕀ ᓂᑲᒧᐏᓇ ᒪᓯᓇᐦᐊᒷᐠ ᑭᑐᐦᒋᑮᐏᐣ ᓂᑕᑕᐦᑯᕽ᙮

The mountains are my bones; the rivers my veins; The forests are my thoughts and the stars my dreams; The ocean is my heart, its pounding my pulse; The songs of the earth write the music in my soul. Anonymous

(This reflection appears in April in the 2020 Cree Calendar, with a different photo.)

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