An Ear Worm: Solomon Ratt (th-dialect)

This might be better called an “ear caterpillar” – but sometimes it’s fun to have an ear worm in Cree! The stunning photo of the White Checkered Butterfly is Solomon Ratt’s handiwork, too.

🎶 kama- kama- kama- kama-
🎶 kama- kamâmakos
🎶 kipîtohtân
🎶 kisipwîhtân

🎶 ᑲᒪ- ᑲᒪ- ᑲᒪ- ᑲᒪ-
🎶 ᑲᒪ- ᑲᒫᒪᑯᐢ
🎶 ᑭᐲᑐᐦᑖᐣ
🎶 ᑭᓯᐿᐦᑖᐣ

(Butterfly: you come, you go)

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