mithonākwan kitaskīnaw – An eBook for Kids (th-dialect)

Congratulations to Christine McKenzie and Keisha Irwin as they launch their audacious first collaborative book project: mithonākwan kitaskīnaw / Our Territories are Beautiful. kimamihcihinân: you (both) make us proud. I hope we can look forward to future collaborations!

Christine wrote the text in Cree with editorial help from Solomon Ratt. Solomon also provided the audio. 

The book is not intended for sale or commercial publishing (at least, not yet), although print copies of mithonākwan kitaskīnaw / Our Territories are Beautiful are being prepared as a donation to the Lac La Ronge Indian Band education department for their schools.

We’re happy to provide an online home for the book here at Cree Literacy, so you can view (and listen to) the book in full.

  • Click on the Read Now to open the book in full screen.
  • Use the arrows at the left and right edges of your screen to page through the book.
  • Use your ESC key to exit full screen.
  • On each page, find the grey circle, and click on the three vertical dots to play audio for each page.

Listen to the audio play through as a single track: 

  • (Click the audio play icon (below), then click “Read Now” on the image above)
  • Remember to use ESC to exit full-screen mode.

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  1. Thank you to the author and the speaker…. The only typo that maybe exists in when grandfather ‘stares’ -is staring at… (so, not starring – unless the stars are supposed to be seen this way). A Cree boy age 10 (actor, dancer, singer…) who goes to public school, and is a joy to watch go from toddler time -now into grade 5 (in an old school called Queen Alex) ~ He might like this ‘our territories’ text, illustrations, and sound…. Perfect job presenting this. He is also Ditidaht… and since he lives west coast, he is at home there too. Learning more about his Cree family could very well be helped by your excellent, beautiful work. Chi miigwetch et merci et hay čxʷ q̓ə et kleco

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