Professional Development for Teachers of Cree (and Saulteaux)

Without the slightest trace of fanfare, Charlotte Ross and her colleagues on the Saskatchewan Indigenous Languages Advisory Committee (SILAC) rolled up their sleeves and initiated something truly remarkable last February, addressing a genuine need: professional development for teachers of Cree (and Saulteaux). With financial support from Canadian Heritage, they created a template for monthly sessions that they began in February 2022, and that are funded to continue until January of 2023. Here’s the model they set out with their first session (presented via Zoom, with Charlotte holding the reins):

Who should attend? Anyone teaching the Cree language OR who wants to learn how to better support Cree language teaching and learning. This is an excellent opportunity to network with Cree language teachers, Cree language resource developers and land-­based cultural/language coordinators.

What will you learn about? Cree language teaching methods, resources, and materials

When:  Online using a secure Zoom link.
Dates and speakers to be announced.
Each session consists of two, two-hour sessions on consecutive evenings.

Register: No cost to attend. All participants must complete a registration form. To register, please email Charlotte Ross at charlotteross2010<at>, or call 306-281-9462. Registration is limited to the first 40 people who register.

Actual dates and speakers are set from month to month. With enough interest, the committee may seek funding to continue for another year.

I was honoured to be invited this month to meet with a group and help them dive into the resources shared here at Cree Literacy Network. Some of the capital L Language Warriors who have given sessions include:

  • For Cree:
    • Celia Deschambault (who kicked the series off last February)
    • Kevin Lewis
    • Celeste Tootoosis
    • Darlene Arcand
    • Senapan Thunder
    • Dwayne Lasas
    • Dorothy Thunder
  • For Nahkawē (Saulteaux)
    • Robert Badger
    • Lois Windigo
    • Verna Cachene

Look for Charlotte on FaceBook, or end her an email to get on her list so you can learn when the next event is planned.

[Also, thanks to Dawn Marie Marchand for permission to use this original painting, from my personal collection.]

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  1. Attention Arden Ogg
    Already subscribed to Cree Literacy Network. I have found it to be filled with interesting & valuable informtion.
    I am interested in registering for Teachers of Cree or further learning Cree. I have left messages & the email was unsuccessful address not found with Charlotte Ross but so far have had no luck in connecting.
    I am asking for your assistance in contacting Charlotte. I’d really appreciate your help. There are only 40 spots available so I was anxious for a response.

    1. Hi Sharon – I corrected the email address in the post. I’d appreciate if you could try it again and let me know how you do.

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