World Kindness Day: November 13th

kisêwâtisiwin / ᑭᓭᐚᑎᓯᐏᐣ / Kindness

In honour of World Kindness Day, we share this painting – titled ᑭᓭᐚᑎᓯᐏᐣ – by Dawn Marie Marchand (2012). It is one of a collection titled “Things to Pass On.” I feel some special affection as I remember the day Dawn Marie sat down with Dorothy Thunder’s late mother, Florida Thunder, to gather the Cree words for the traditional values depicted in these paintings.
(The word is rotated 90 degrees clockwise.)

The traditional Cree cultural value of Kindness is illustrated in this little story from Solomon Ratt:

6. Kindness – kisêwâtisiwin – ᑭᓭᐋᐧᑎᓯᐃᐧᐣ


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