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When Cree language warriors Andrea Custer and Charlotte Ross host their “nīhithawīwin ikwa pihkahtīwāpoy: Cree and Coffee” podcast, two things are guaranteed: high-energy conversation in nihîthawîwin (Woodlands Cree), and laughter that would make Don Burnstick proud. As good Cree aunties, Charlotte and Andrea take that laughter seriously: they even refer to themselves together as “those crazy Crees.”

In their fourth podcast under the pîkiskwêwin banner, they discuss the podcast and how they got their name. As they model perfectly natural, fluent language (a genuine immersive luxury, even for beginners), they also discuss the different Cree dialects and Silent Speakers.

As Andrea writes in her bio:

kinanāskomitināwāw kā-pī-natohtawiyāhk kā-isi-kīskwīyāhk nīsinān iskwīwak, nipakosīthimon kīstawāw ka-pāh-pāhpiyīk, ka-kiskinwahamākosiyīk, ikwa ka-kistīthītamīk ki-pīkiskwīnwāw.

Thank you all for coming to listen to us crazy ladies, I hope that you will laugh and learn with us and that you will honour your language.

Find all of their podcasts (featuring equally fluent speakers of Cree, Dene, Saulteaux, Michif and more), at the link below, and check in monthly for new ones.

nīhithawīwin ikwa pihkahtīwāpoy: Cree and Coffee

pîkiskwêwin is an Indigenous language podcast project funded by the Government of Canada. Their collection of podcasts in a variety of Indigenous languages continues to grow in impressive ways. It was initiated by Indigenous Communication and Fine Arts (INCA & IFA) at First Nations University of Canada. pîkiskwêwin supports the University’s mission to preserve, protect and interpret the history, language, culture, and artistic heritage of all Indigenous groups.

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