Five Little Bannocks Sleeping in a Bed

Thanks to Crystal Chief of Chief Kahkewistahaw Community School-Cree Language & Land Based Program for permission to share this video of her student Akesha demonstrating some wicked reading skills in nêhiyawêwin. Thanks also to Akesha for claiming her place among her fellow Cree language warriors, and to administrator Wanda Clare for supporting it all.

At Cree Literacy Network, we wish this kind of support and reading success for all Cree students and teachers – in part because we all believe that standard spelling goes a long way to making it possible. And because we know beyond a doubt that reading success is an essential component of educational success.

The story Akesha is reading was written by longtime CLN supporter Cynthia Cook, way back in “Gift of Language and Culture” days at Onion Lake. The ability to read standard spelling also means that Akesha and her peers are becoming equipped to read and understand ever more challenging written language materials: a gift that will last a lifetime.

Find the GOLC video – complete with text to read along here on YouTube to learn for yourself. Don’t forget the sound effects!

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  1. I’m a Metis from north central Alberta. I missed out on my moms language. I know a few words in Cree, but not much. It’s beautiful to see this in a story form. I love this. Thank you.

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