Updated Woodlands Cree Dictionary: 2023

mistahi-kititîthimitinân, Minnie McKenzie: we hold you in high regard.

Even Cree words don’t seem big enough to adequately acknowledge the work that goes into completing a dictionary – let alone its revision.  Understanding the profound complexity of the process, we’re left to stand back in admiration for Minnie, for the work, and for the large piece of her life that has gone into achieving this milestone. Congratulations is hardly enough!

Placing an order:
Copies of the dictionary (which uses Colins Modified Orthography) are available for purchase through the Lac La Ronge Indian Band (LLRIB) Central Office. Their instructions are to contact Dorothy McLeod at 306 425 4938. The dictionary is intended for eventual online publication.

In June 2020, Nick Pearce of the Star Phoenix interviewed Minnie about the work as it reached completion. His article, found at sasktoday.ca gives a much broader picture of the project – and we provide a copy here in PDF form.

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