National Indigenous Languages Day 2023

kiyâm askâw
êkâ ê-nôkosit tipiskâwi-pîsim
pêyakwan kipîkiskwêwininaw.

ᑭᔮᒼ ᐊᐢᑳᐤ
ᐁᑳ ᐁ ᓅᑯᓯᐟ ᑎᐱᐢᑳᐏ ᐲᓯᒼ
ᑭᐢᒋ ᐊᔮᐤ;
ᐯᔭᑿᐣ ᑭᐲᑭᐢᑵᐏᓂᓇᐤ᙮

Even though sometimes
The moon is not visible
She is always there;
The same with our language.

Thanks, Sol, for sharing this wonderful image and thought in honour of this National Indigenous Languages Day (though every day is Indigenous Languages Day here!)

To broaden the picture even further, here’s a beautiful mapping project from Canadian Geographic:

You can also here to look up and celebrate your own Cree-speaking community by name: Cree names for Cree communities.

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