Tomson Highway’s Newest Book for Kids: Grand Chief Salamoo Cook is Coming to Town

Tomson Highway has written a hilarious new book for kids – featuring a town full of Cree-speaking and singing rabbits, and we at Cree Literacy Network were thrilled to play along. The story is told in English (with Cree vocabulary tucked in for fun). The songs – all in Highway’s fabulous cabaret style – are performed in Cree by a company of first class Québec musicians. This book is sure to provide delightful first contact for many with the Tomson’s own th-dialect of Cree. A French-language edition is also planned.

Happily, the Cree Literacy Network was invited to contribute supports for Cree language classrooms. Tomson’s unique spelling is supported by a glossary in SRO, and song texts written in SRO. The teachers’ guide – to be offered online – also includes several “bite size” Cree lessons, all written in SRO. Lessons include basic grammatical ideas like animacy and pluralization.  The book, its professionally polished sound track and other online resources – are all expected to be available in September, but it is now available for pre-order through the following links: Amazon Barnes & Noble Bookshop | Shop Local (Canada) | Edelweiss | Goodreads

The Montreal-based publisher The Secret Mountain specializes in “Stories and music for all eyes and ears.” Grand Chief Salamoo Cook is bound to widen all those eyes and ears with delight, and with the sounds of Cree. Click here to read what Tomson Highway and Secret Mountain have to say about the book, or enjoy a taste for yourself via their YouTube trailer.

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