And in the End: Solomon Ratt (th-dialect)

ikwa, iskwâyâc
sâkihiwîwin kâ-otinaman
sâkihiwîwin kâ-osîhtâyan.

ᐃᑿ, ᐃᐢᒁᔮᐨ
ᓵᑭᐦᐃᐑᐏᐣ ᑳ ᐅᑎᓇᒪᐣ
ᓵᑭᐦᐃᐑᐏᐣ ᑳ ᐅᓰᐦᑖᔭᐣ᙮

“And, in the end
The love you take
is equal to the love you make.”

  • Paul McCartney

The featured photo is the Old Man of Storr on the Isle of Skye, from Sol’s summer adventures 2023.

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