Orange Shirt / Truth & Reconciliation Day – Finding Past Posts

Sometimes our system of organization at the Cree Literacy Network is a little less than obvious (yes, that’s an understatement). BUT, something that seemed clear very early on is that certain questions and topics come up again and again. And some answers or responses are worth preserving for future reference.

To help find some of that past content, you can use the “hamburger menu” that sits beside the magnifying glass search tool at the top right of every post. It’s a seldom-used feature that can help users find content by category. It looks like three stacked horizontal bars:

Here’s how to use it to find all the items labelled “Orange Shirt / Truth & Reconciliation Day”:

  1. Click on the hamburger (three stacked horizontal bars)
  2. A blue menu opens listing broad categories.
  3. Choose a category (in this case, we want “Resources”)
  4. Click on the arrowhead beside “Resources” to open a submenu – with subcategories
  5. “Orange Shirt / Truth & Reconciliation Day” is a “Seasonal” resource – related to an event that happens every year.
  6. Click on “Orange Shirt / Truth & Reconciliation Day” and open a collection of all the past CLN posts that have been given that label. The photo at the top of this post is part of what you’ll see, along with many more. Poems and memes and observations.
  7. Most of all, we hope you’ll find something helpful! 




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